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Our Company

Our company thrives on quality and craftsmanship. With over 10 years of experience in the custom home industry we understand what it means to create a quality product that the home owners can trust and be proud of. 

What do we do?

It's in our name. We have chosen to specialize in these two professions of exterrior cladding application. We create EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finishing System) stucco systems and apply veneer stones to exterrior and interrior applications.

Whether you are looking to build new, extend, repair or renovate we are your one stop shop for stucco and stone. We do both big and small, our work includes both residential and commercial buildings without compromising on our quality. From fireplaces, to wall repairs, to brand new stucco systems we do them all.

What products do we use?

Our company can create a product only as good as the material we use. For this reason we only work with the best.  Durock has been a leader both Canada wide and Internationally in EIFS. They sell reliable and quality goods which last. 


For our mouldings we use Mouldex moulding company whos quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. They can create any moulding to any size. Their company was even featured on discovery channels How it's made show.


When is comes down to it, the materials matter as much as the workmanship, and your quality can be only as good as the material you use.



What makes us different?

What makes us different from other companies:


"What you see is what you get." what this means, is that the people who come to give you an estimate are the same exact people that will be on the job, doing the job and communicating with you while the work is being done. When you need something you can come and ask us straight away, without having to make phone calls to an office. 


We are reachable. For the past ten years that we have been doing this we had the same phone number. We have been around for these ten years and we are going to be around for many more. 


We stand behind our work. We give you a peace of mind warranty to guarante the workmanship that was done. (Ask us more about our warranty options and we'll tell you more.)



Stucco facts!

Something you should know about stucco and stone veneer:


-Neither of these trades are regulated or licensed. the only thing that is meant to be followed is the supplier specification, but even in that many people take shortcuts to cut cost. What that means to you is that you may be getting your stucco for cheaper, it might be missing some crucial steps.

-Stucco can be done in the winter. Although it is more complicated, a quality product can be created by covering and heating the project. (During winter months we usually have specials for these!)


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